CADEditorX. お客様の声

CADEditorX. お客様の声

Farid Dawalibi

Our SES company is a worldwide R&D pioneer in grounding, lightning and electromagnetic interference with subsidiaries in Europe, China and India. Most of our customers rely on our software packages to carry out challenging studies and depend heavily on transferring CAD based data to our software packages. Unfortunately, our customers are not CAD savvy and therefore, have difficulties filtering the information of their complex CAD files to eliminate all unnecessary information. About a year ago, we ordered CADEditorX component and implemented it successfully in our application to enable our customers to select only the relevant layers and entities, including 3D objects, that they need to transfer to our software products. Since we have implemented CADEditorX it has been a success story for us and our customers by reducing their transfer time and our related support time helping our customers during such transfers. Furthermore, what is more important than this success story is the excellent and speedy support your technical team have provided so far. Keep this outstanding customer support which sets you apart other software providers.

Farid Dawalibi, Director, Engineering and R&D
Safe Engineering Services & technologies ltd.

Erwin R. Robijn, Netherlands

We at GEO came across different DWG drawings from customers that were easily opened in ABViewer but not in the CAD kernel that was included in our own commercial software. This plus all the other benefits that comes by default with the software of CADSofttools, made us decide to select the extensive CADEditorX library for our programmers in the Netherlands and India. The customer friendly attitude and fast support makes CADSofttools our best match in years!

Erwin R. Robijn, Owner/Director
GEO Instrument

Paolo Marani

First of all, I really like the programming approach of handling everything as an XML. It's brillant and genial. But not so easy to develop without a good set of templates. Fortunately, there are many templates on the distribution, it will just require time to explore all them.

Paolo Marani, Lead Software Developer
RuleDesigner®, ENGINEERING PLM Solutions srl

J. Henriques

Good user interface and very easy to explore; cool Snap feature and convenient measuring; export and editing for 2D and 3D drawings. For me the price of the purchase is well invested money.

No doubts, this product can be recommended due to both price and its features. It is this product that I have been looking for. Other programs were either too difficult or didn’t have the required features.

J. Henriques